A Talking 'Cast!?!
A minute by minute podcast about the film A Talking Cat!?!
7 years ago

A Christmas Puppy

Merry Christmas!Park, Josh and Andrew return in this bonus episode to watch A Christmas Puppy and then tell you all about it.Most importantly there is no puppy, and the dog in this film is not really connected to the title. It is set at Christmas though,

8 years ago

A Halloween Puppy

On this Halloween listen to a special episode of A Talking 'Cast!?!, wherein Park, Spencer and Nick talk about the Mary Crawford talking animal film, The Halloween Puppy.

8 years ago

Andrew Helm

A Talking Cat!?! writer Andrew Helm joins Dylan and Clint to talk about the film he wrote which we talked about for 85 episodes.

8 years ago

Minute 84

The end is here.

8 years ago

Minute 83

The end is nigh, just one more episode to go.

8 years ago

Minute 82

There was an animal trainer on set? Apparently so.

8 years ago

Minute 81

Sammi, Spencer and Zach walk you through one more minute of credits.

8 years ago

Minute 80

We finally find out which song has been playing under the credits.

8 years ago

Minute 79

Special Guest Appearance by Squeaky as Duffy

8 years ago

Minute 78

The credits are rolling so Andrew, Clint and Claude talk you through the first full minute.